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Conversation Starters

We have some great smile photos for new patients to check out!

Genuine Orthodontics smile photo wall

We recently printed beautiful smile photos on matboard as conversation starters for our new patients. Each photo shows the power of a smile and lets us focus on some finer details of orthodontics. I'd like to break down some of the details in each photo that might brighten these smiles even more.

In the first photo you can see a beautiful smile with well aligned upper and lower teeth. The thing that sticks out most is that the gum line around the upper middle teeth is mismatched. The gum line on the middle tooth on the right is lower than the one on the left (referring to the patient's right and left). This can be caused by a number of different issues—the tooth might be shorter, the gum might be inflamed, and even the bone may be lower. Whatever the issue, we can help guide you through the process of getting all the details right.

The second smile photo is also beautiful. It is a very animated where the first photo is more muted. Her teeth are almost perfectly aligned! The thing that sticks out is the amount of upper gum showing when she smiles. This can be caused by a short upper lip, a low upper jaw, or even very active facial muscles. These are common concerns patients and things that we can address in an orthodontic treatment plan.

The last photo is really sweet and it radiates a lot of happiness. Her teeth are beautifully aligned! What you notice most is how prominent her front teeth are. Prominent teeth are a common concern and in this case might indicate a forward positioned upper jaw, flared out upper teeth, or perhaps a large difference between the upper and lower tooth position.

No matter which patient we are talking about, good planning helps us get the details right! We care about making your smile as good as it can get and want you to understand your options.

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