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Orthodontic Services

Our orthodontic specialty clinic in Brentwood, TN offers a variety of services to meet the needs of our patients. Below is a short description of each of our offerings. Click for more detail and a review of some common questions regarding each technique.

Metal Braces

We offer 3M™ APC™ Victory Series™ braces that are individually packaged, pre-coated, and low profile for the cleanest, fastest, and most comfortable patient experience. 


InBrace® lingual braces allow for maximum esthetics without the need to insert, remove, and clean aligners. 

Surgical Orthodontics

Some bite corrections are not possible without surgical intervention. Our team can help assist patients in coordinating surgical orthodontic care.

Clear Braces

We offer 3M™ APC™ Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic braces with a translucent, small, and strong polycrystalline structure to minimize visibility and maximize comfort.


We offer a range of expanders in to fit each individual patient. This includes RPEs, Hyrax expanders, hygienic expanders, and quad helix expanders.

Canine Deimpaction

Canines are frequently impacted. Two general types of impactions exist (palatal and facial) and a different approach is taken to achieve optimal results.


We offer Invisalign®, 3M™ Clarity™ aligners, and In-House aligners fabricated using uLab to provide the fastest, most esthetic, and most comfortable custom aligner solutions available.

Bite Correction

Bite correction generally refers to anterior-posterior jaw movements. We use 3M Forsus, Carriere, and elastics for overbites. For underbites we use elastics and also consider extractions and surgery.

Implant Space

Missing teeth generally trigger adjacent teeth to migrate and orthodontics is often required to re-establish the correct space for replacement teeth.

What Our Clients Say

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