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Orthodontic Services

Our orthodontic specialty clinic in Brentwood, TN offers a variety of services to meet the needs of our patients. Below is a short description of each of our offerings. Click for more detail and a review of some common questions regarding each technique.

Traditional Metal Braces

Braces are the gold standard in orthodontic treatment. They efficiently move teeth. We use braces that specific to each tooth to achieve the best possible appearance. Our braces are also micro-etched so they reduce bond failure and emergency visits.

Invisalign® & Genuine Aligners

We offer Invisalign® as well as Genuine Ortho In-House Aligners (via uLab). This allows us to treat both tricky cases with high predictability or simple cases with shorter treatment times.

LightForce 3D Printed Clear Braces

Our most esthetic braces option—even back teeth get clear brackets! All tooth positions are digitally pre-planned to help reduce treatment time.

Bite Correction

Bite correction generally refers to anterior-posterior jaw movements. We use 3M Forsus, Carriere, and elastics for overbites. For underbites we use elastics and also consider extractions and surgery.

Rapid Palatal Expansion

Rapid palatal expansion is a go to therapy in 7-10 year old children with crossbite. They can be anchored to both adult and baby molars and can help re-establish correct archwidth.

Quad Helix Expansion

Quad Helix expanders achieve mild to moderate levels of skeletal expansion and can help rotate upper molars that have shifted forward. They can be programed to work more on one side than the other.

Lower Holding Arch

Lower holding arches can be used to hold lower molars from tipping forward. They can be used as retainers following phase 1 treatment or can help support underbite treatment.

Transpalatal Arch

A transpalatal arch can be used to hold molars from drifting and rotating forward or as part of a larger orthodontic treatment.

Canine Impactions

Canines are frequently impacted. Two general types of impactions exist (palatal and facial) and a different approach is taken to achieve optimal results.

Implant Space & Molar Uprighting

Missing teeth generally trigger adjacent teeth to migrate and orthodontics is often required to re-establish the correct space for replacement teeth.

Surgical Orthodontics

Some bite corrections are not possible without surgical intervention. Our team can help assist patients in coordinating surgical orthodontic care.

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