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Genuine Orthodontics Team outside brentwood tn braces, invisalign, inbrace clinic

Braces, Invisalign®, and InBrace® Orthodontist in Brentwood, TN

ABO Board Certified Orthodontist


Dr. Alex has more than 7 years experience in orthodontics and is one of the few board certified orthodontists in the area. He works with a wide variety of techniques and technology.


Have a short work week? Use that day off to come see us! We are open a full day on Friday so you don't need to use a vacation day schedule your appointments.


We are in network with a variety of insurances and offer flexible payment options. Exams are free and we will work hard to find an option that fits your needs and your budget.


Dr. Alex creció en California y su Madre nació en México. Le encanta trabajar con pacientes y, por supuesto, con padres que hablan Español.


When we designed our office we eliminated goopy tooth molds for good. If we need an impression of your teeth we use a digital scanner that is often faster and more accurate than molds.


We are fully 3D—3D tooth scanning, low-dose 3D x-rays, and 3D printing. We built our office around the latest tech so your treatment is more convenient and comfortable than ever.

Missing teeth and underbite in young patient that can be treated with braces and palatal expander at genuine orthodontics in brentwood tn
teen orthodontic patient with metal braces offered at genuine orthodontics in brentwood tn
Straight teeth for adults can be achieved with braces, invisalign, and inbrace at genuine orthodontics in brentwood tn


Metal braces or appliance therapy (expander or tongue crib)

Dr. Alex recommends you bring your kids for an orthodontic consultation by 7 years old. This allows us to be proactive about problems like crossbites, deep bites, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting. Resolving these issues early normalizes development and maximizes smile potential.


Metal/clear braces, Invisalign®, or InBrace® hidden lingual braces

Teen patients have most or all of their adult teeth and are in peak growth mode. We can leverage this time to beautifully straighten the teeth as well as to maximize alignment of the bite. Style is big—so we have lots of colors for braces or can hide them altogether by putting them behind the teeth.


In-house aligners, Invisalign®, InBrace® hidden lingual braces, or metal/clear braces

Adult treatment is targeted to address your specific concerns. Dr. Alex tailors a personalized plan to achieve your goals. Treatment options for adults are more flexible than ever, and range from traditional braces all the way to aligners and hidden lingual braces.

Dr. Alexander Blaseio is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics and works at Genuine Orthodontics in Brentwood, TN
Dr. Alexander Blaseio is a diplomate of the american board of orthodontics and works at genuine orthodontics in brentwood tn
Dr. Alexander Blaseio is an Invisalign provider and works at Genuine Orthodontics in Brentwood, TN
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