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Our Specialist Orthodontist & Orthodontic Staff in Brentwood, TN


ABO Board Certified Orthodontist

My name is Dr. Blaseio (rhymes with Ohio) but you can call me Dr. Alex. I am originally from SoCal, short for Southern California, but have lived in Florida, New York, and even Germany. Traveling to and living in so many places, made me a great appreciator of food. I love Mexican food from SoCal, gulf coast shrimp from Florida, bagels (of course) from New York, and traditional bratwurst and sauerkraut from Germany.
I attended UCLA as a Neuroscience major. As a busy student, I spent lots of time studying for classes and working in the lab, but I also found enough time to tutor and to row for the UCLA Men's Crew. My career explorations focused on dentistry; I met many inspiring and happy dentists. I enrolled at Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco and it was there that I met my wonderful wife, Poppy.
Poppy and I both enrolled in additional training after dental school. I completed a three year orthodontic residency at the Montefiore Medical Center in The Bronx, and Poppy finished her endodontics residency at the Long Beach VA Hospital.

After finishing our training we moved to beautiful Franklin, TN and have never looked back. We attend church at Holy Family in Brentwood and are so blessed to have a beautiful daughter, Scarlett, and dog, Levi.

Nashville Invisalign, Brentwood Orthodontist, Nashville Braces
Nashville Invisalign, Brentwood Orthodontist, Nashville Braces


Office Manager

Maleah grew up in Iowa and received a degree in Kinesiology from Iowa State University in 2013. When she isn’t at the office she is a Jane of all trades working in a variety of other industries. In her free time she likes cycle, songwrite and travel. Maleah has been at our office since July 2019 and continues to take pride in making all of our patients feel like family. 


Dental Assistant

Malaysia was born and raised in Lewisburg, TN. She attended Dental Staff School of Tennessee where she was certified as a dental assistant. Outside of the office she loves to read sci-fi novels and work on her gym stats. She loves helping patients feel confident on the journey to their new smile.

Nashville Invisalign, Brentwood Orthodontist, Nashville Braces
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Dental Assistant

Miryam was born in Atlanta, Georgia  but grew up in Guanajuato, Mexico. She attended Dental Staff School of Tennessee where she was certified as a dental assistant. She speaks English and Spanish and currently is learning Japanese. She loves traveling, walking her dog Kami and spending time with her family and fiancé. Her dream is to become a Dental Hygienist and work outside of US.


Dental Assistant

Originally from Danville, Arkansas. Attended First Class Dental Assisting School to become a certified dental assistant. I love helping patients feel confident and love their new smile. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hanging out with my dog Ollie, and spending time with family and friends.

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Generations of Excellence

My family history with dentistry harks back to  the Bavarian town of Weiden. This is where my grandfather settled and opened his own practice. His success inspired my father to also study dentistry. My father worked with my grandfather for several years before deciding he wanted to become an orthodontist. All the best orthodontists of the day were from America, so after attending a foreign language school in Florida, he became an orthodontic resident at Loma Linda University near Los Angeles. It was there that he met my mother. My mother was also from a German family, but grew up in Mexico. She knew from an early age that she wanted to become a dentist. She was one of only 3 women in her graduating class at Loma Linda and even won the coveted Student of the Year award in 1984. My father's research in residency led him to create a software company. We use Quick Ceph to trace our x-rays and to manage our practice. I am excited to continue the legacy of my parents and grandfather.

Dr. Gunther Blaseio Quick Ceph the ultimate tracing machine American association of orthodontics annual session
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